Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Entire Green Day Discography To Be Released On Vinyl

Artist:Green Day - Following the release of their latest album, ‘21st Century Breakdown‘,  have announced that their entire discography will be re-issued on vinyl.

From their 1990 debut album, ‘1039/Smooth‘ to their 2004 multi-award winning album ‘American Idiot‘, the band’s entire collection is set for a vinyl re-release.

Warner Brothers/Reprise records will also be releasing the band’s entire collection of 7″ singles on vinyl.

The vinyl releases will be sold separately at retail locations.

The band’s label will also release a limited edition custom box set featuring all 21 of Green Day’s 7″ singles.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Limited Vinyl: Beastie Boys Check Your Head 4 LP Set

Older news, but with the future Limited reissued vinyl in the works from the Beastie Boys. I felt it was relivent to add prior to the new releases coming soon!

Here we have The Check Your Head Collector's Vinyl

  • 4 pieces of 180 gram Vinyl featuring the deluxe remastered album and the 4 original 12" singles (36 tracks total)
  • 8 panel gatefold package with foil cover inlay, packaged in a fabric-wrapped, black foil-stamped hardcover "coffee table book" case
  • Limited to 2,000 sales
  • Available Now
  • Immediate album & b-sides download: Premium DRM-free 320kbps MP3, FLAC, or Apple Lossless
Includes a digital download of 7 Check Your Head music videos for $12. Videos include Gratitude, Jimmy James, Netty's Girl, Pass The Mic, Something's Got To Give, So What'cha Want, Time for Livin, and a full album video commentary by the Beastie Boys. Retail is a bit steep at $85, but definatley a must for the Beastie Boy collectors.
Via: Beastie Boys

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rare LP's: The 50 most expensive vinyl records!

This Velvet Underground Acetate recently sold  for over $25K

Well, its something we hear often... "How much are my vinyl records worth?" Honestly, they're only worth what someone's willing to pay for them. Which usually isn't that much, but we found some that would make most spouses hide their credit cards..

This is a list that is compiled by a UK website called Popsike collects information and compiles a database from thousands of past auctions on vinyl records of all forms 12", 10" and 7". these are the top 50 most expensive vinyl records in thier database, so if you have any LP's on this list, I'd say you're in good shape. This is can be a great tool and fun, enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morrissey Boycott: DON'T BUY MY 7" VINYL BOX SET! (re-issue)

Morrissey has requested that fans don't buy any of the upcoming box set reissues from his back catalog.

Former frontman of The Shiths claimed in a statement issued to fan site, which he often communicates through, that he wouldn't receive any money from the reissues, released on November 2, and that he was not asked for approval for their release.

The Morrissey reissues will see singles and B-sides re-packaged as new 7" vinyl single releases.

"Morrissey would like it to be known that he has not been consulted by EMI/HMV/Parlophone Record labels with regards to two upcoming boxed sets of Morrissey singles," the message read.

It continued: "Morrissey does not approve such releases and would ask people not to bother buying them. Morrissey receives no royalty payments from EMI for any back catalogue, and has not received a royalty from EMI since 1992.

In addition "Morrissey doesn't approve of, and was not consulted on, the recent Rhino box of Smiths CDs, or the Warner releases of Smiths LPs on 180 gram vinyl.

Claiming "I last received a royalty payment from Warners ten years ago and ask people not to bother buying the reissued LPs"

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Death of the CD: Walmart needs a new loss leader!

More and more big businesses like Walmart and Target are scrambling to find their next big loss leader. In case you're unaware, these corporate mega-stores played a pivotal role in the demise of our beloved local record shop.

In 1982 The Music Industry declared that CD's were the ultimate audio medium and the wave of the future. Remember the hype? CD's will last forever, they're indestructible, convenient and they sound better. You better hurry up and trade-in all your vinyl before its worthless and obsolete. A lot of smaller record shops took it on the chin if they weren't prepared for this dramatic switch to CD. Only the strongest record stores survived and those that did flourished during these early years.

However, this attracted the big corporations who realized they could tap into this huge music market to improve their customer base and bottom line. They decided to price all CD's below cost, knowing most customers will also buy other items at inflated profit margins. It was a huge move and our Record Shops were just collateral damage in their eyes. Stop and think about that for a moment, while we sat and watched the 75% off sales at our favorite local mom and pop record shops. When your local Tower Records, Wherehouses and Music Plus' were filing chapter 7. These mega-stores were enjoying the taste of our fresh meat! Now as CD sales hit an all time low, the music consumer becomes obsolete in the eyes of these corporate giants. They've essentially chewed up the Music consumer and spit 'em out, they've squeezed as much out of us as possible.

So, who will be the corporate favorite at the next loss leader buffet? Me thinks, maybe the gamers and movie lovers will be on the menu, but which will be the delicacy of choice? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arctic Monkeys release vinyl-only exlusive single through Oxfam

Arctic Monkeys are ditching CDs to release comeback single 'Crying Lightning' exclusively on vinyl.

The band are issuing two versions of the single, one on 10-inch and one on seven-inch - the latter of which will be exclusively sold through Oxfam charity shops in the UK.

The Oxfam-only version of the single - which is currently only available as a download - will come out on August 17, and features the B-side 'Red Right Hand', a Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds cover.

The seven-inch costs £2.99, though the band and Oxfam are encouraging fans to donate items to their shops - particularly unwanted records or other music-related merchandise - when they come in to buy the new single.

"Oxfam is a Great British institution, and it's a delight to be working together on this project," declared Laurence Bell, founder of Arctic Monkeys's record label, Domino. "There are about 700 Oxfam shops in the UK, many of them in high streets that once housed a record shop, so as well as raising some money for a great cause we are able to get vinyl back onto more of the nation's high streets, which feels good.

"We encourage all customers to bring something of value to donate to the store when they come down to buy the new Arctic Monkeys single."

A 10-inch version of 'Crying Lightning' is also being released via conventional record shops and features an extra B-side, new track 'I Haven’t Got My Strange'.

Both versions of the single come with codes which will allow fans to download the relevant tracks on MP3 for free.

Arctic Monkeys release their third album, 'Humbug', on August 24.

Monday, August 3, 2009

This is one huge Vinyl Swap, The Mega Record Show..

The increasingly successful international Mega Record and CD Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands on November 22nd and 23rd 208 was the place to be in 2008. It is the largest convention of its kind in the world with over five hundred dealers coming from forty different countries. The Mega Record and CD Fair is packed with special exhibitions, music book presentations, live gigs and many other surprises.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Waxcast Episode 2: Homage to Reggae Revolution

This Episode pays homage to Reggae Revolution, The KNAC years 1982-85. Roberto Angotti hosted the show every Sunday on 105.5, the show helped put alot of artists on the map and was very influential to alot of its listeners including members of Sublime and No Doubt. So I dug up tons of old chunes I remember hearing on the show, hunted down some rare vinly records, mainly 12" singles from Jamaica. Your input is welcome, I hope you enjoy!