Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rare LP's: The 50 most expensive vinyl records!

This Velvet Underground Acetate recently sold  for over $25K

Well, its something we hear often... "How much are my vinyl records worth?" Honestly, they're only worth what someone's willing to pay for them. Which usually isn't that much, but we found some that would make most spouses hide their credit cards..

This is a list that is compiled by a UK website called Popsike collects information and compiles a database from thousands of past auctions on vinyl records of all forms 12", 10" and 7". these are the top 50 most expensive vinyl records in thier database, so if you have any LP's on this list, I'd say you're in good shape. This is can be a great tool and fun, enjoy!


  1. I find that Soundtracks and Children records are in higher demand than just plain artist albums.

  2. my mother collected records and albums from the 20's to the 80's and passed them on to me...there are so many and some were used on the old there a chance you could direct me to collectors addresses and price sheet on what they are looking for...some are really thick and inbetween a single 45 and album size..also very good shape; cover, sleeve and record. appreciate info. i would like to sell and would want a fair price for myself and the buyer. thank you